I paint stories | I pitch ideas ..

I was born a free soul with a creative mind, full of ideas and infinite possibilities. Then I was put through the SYSTEM and brainwashed. I was told to be a successful person; I had to be a slave to the SYSTEM to make my life. My education was the process through which I was made something to fit into the SYSTEM. My job is nothing but a binary world in which real life doesn't exit. I became a left-brain monkey.

For all these years, I was doing what I was told. Then one day, somehow I broke away from the SYSTEM. I realized how terribly I was brainwashed and kept a prisoner of my five senses. I could see there is more to life than being enslaved in our limited capacity. It’s an experience beyond time and space, which we are all capable of but the SYSTEM would not want us to think beyond its manual. Creativity is a way to look beyond what the normal eye could see and challenges the SYSTEM.

For true awakening, we need light in our hearts to understand the complexities of the SYSTEM. Only true light would enable us to discover our hidden potential. For a good photograph to be fashioned, light is the core idea. I paint stories n I pitch ideas. People are the strength of my images. My photography is a witness to the dialogue between the man on the street n the SYSTEM. Photography is a right brain activity, connected to a higher level of reality and consciousness. It’s a window to my heart and soul, a step towards an infinite love for every being. It's an opportunity to look at the world with a different perspective, exploring the infinite possibilities.