I paint stories | I pitch ideas ..

Zakir, a street photographer by passion, his love for street photography, has given him a deep insight how life evolves on the streets and how a common man makes sense out of it. His photographs will take you on a ride to a different state of mind where there is an opportunity for a greater sense of what is possible. He pitches ideas n paint stories through his photographs that are powerful, intense and thought provoking. His ideas behind the visual narration have a deep and profound meaning for the human soul. His primary subject is people and how the environment is shaping their lives. He believes that the camera is a tool to communicate; with a purpose to fulfill, a camera can become a powerful medium of expression. A picture is a representation of a collective conscious of a society, which opens a window to reflect upon our heart and souls, which shape our lives.

His photographs are happening on a much deeper level, which penetrates the 'SYSTEM' and question the existing realm of reality that we believe. His photograph of a homeless man in front of the Bank is not only about the misery of the homeless, but how the Bank has robbed him of his savings. And enslaved his future generations n the whole humanity through 'usury' (Riba). By not understanding usury as a SYSTEM, our intellectual scholarship has failed miserably. Our intellectual dishonesty has pushed us to such spiritual blindness that we have become incapable of perceiving this false human enslavement tool. By connecting these dots, he takes the viewer on a different sense of reality as what the human eye can see as compared to what there is to see.

An IT consultant by profession, he has worked on the world's largest Oracle Application project for Siemens and has been engaged at the University of Oxford as a Senior Database Consultant. In these times of deceit n spiritual blindness, he believes that art must be revolutionized by revolutionary ideas to challenge the modern age of deception. There is a war for our mind, either by controlling the right information or letting the wrong information into our minds, so we continue to live in a state of ignorance. His primary focus is Riba n how as a SYSTEM; it has enslaved the human soul n why our intellectuals failed to understand it. A world in the hands of a small clique, where banks are calling the shots, a usurious SYSTEM through which they control the world, has brought the whole humanity at the greatest crisis every known to man. Before the meltdown of this debt based economic model, we must educate ourselves, inspire and become part of the SOLUTION that is happening silently in the background.